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3 Crystals That Encourage Your Spiritual Growth

This year is almost over and so many changes have happened over what seems like a short period of time. We are extremely grateful for every challenge that was presented for us to shift into our best version. Thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic all of us have transformed mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, completely. Here are three crystals that will increase our momentum to consistent spiritual expansion.

Our first recommendation is Amethyst. Amethyst imbues a sense of intense calm and easeful vibrations. Keep this one in your meditation space. Also having Amethyst in family frequented rooms will encourage a soft, welcoming ambience there.

Next on the list is Tigers Eye. Revitalizing your physical energy center called the Solar Plexus, Tigers Eye brings bright and uplifting energy to all nearby. This gem is great positioned in the bedroom. It motivate us to get out of bed and focus on goals that move us forward.

Bringing it all together, is Green Aventurine. This crystal sends out the frequency that things are happening in your favor. We wear this crystal when we are about to tour a new home or make a major money move. Green Aventurine eliminates self limiting beliefs encouraging idealistic optimism.

May you find these crystal suggestions helpful on you journey into greater spiritual awareness.