You are ready to receive the gifts the divine set aside for you.

Jade Crystal Guided Meditation

Are you a fan of listening to relaxing sounds? We are super excited to present our first crystal guided mediation that will put you in a deeply, calming space.

This Jade inspired guided mediation is great to listen before bed and first thing in the rising. It shares a tone for serenity and emotional support for overcoming daily challenges.


Jade is know as the Manifestation Stone. It's vibration helps you to focus on preparation for you best life goals. Jade aligns you with a strong sense of self confidence assuring that you are worthy to receive the best that life has to offer.

This powerful meditation is designed to connect Jade's crystal essence to the heart, mind, spirit, complete being. Holding or wearing Jade crystal during  listening will amply its properties. Though not necessary to receive the full benefits of this meditation.