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Organic Talk

"Let's talk about being our best and feeling Great!”


 The hardest thing to do for us at first was not judge ourselves. It's the first road block to feeling amazing everyday. Everyday is a battle. We've slowly but surely learned to anticipate the obstacles that occur everyday for sure. But we've got secret tools we use to fight! Yall know wassup!! "Aye I keep one on!!!!"  - Darian Parks



   The power in wearing crystal jewelry is understanding the meaning. Understanding the power is understanding that you define the meaning of the crystal jewelry you wear with the intentions you set when you wear it. Each stone has a general meaning of course and subconsciously that's powerful. More powerful than that however is setting goals and life transforming declarations and intentions, and letting your crystal jewelry be a reminder of those things you affirm. The power is in you to make your life as beautiful as you desire. "Elevate that inner G by any means necessary".

   A lot of people come to us for crystal jewelry thinking that we're just making stuff up not truly understanding that one can write a research paper on every stone we use. As I initially stated before the general meanings and properties of crystals are powerful. Understanding what they do and what they are is key. The power inside of you is far more greater than I can explain. However, let's just say you can have what you think about most of the time. That's the power you possess in a nutshell.  A powerful speaker once said "You are exactly were you thought you would be 10 years ago." If you desire some specific things in your life you can have them if you think you can. Based on our philosophy if you think about it enough your true desires will find you. So we implore you to control your thoughts by any means necessary. Crystal Jewelry helps!






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