You are ready to receive the gifts the divine set aside for you.

Using Crystals to Strengthen Your New Moon Intentions

New moons symbolize transformation and are a pivotal time to start something new.

Setting your intentions under a new moon sends out a cosmic message that you are ready and that which you intend is more likely to happen soon.

Now here is where crystals use come in.

Photo Credits:Feniiix Raiii Studios
Say for example you have an intention to release conflicting feelings you have harbored for your mother due to childhood trauma, a Rose Quartz crystal, which heals matters in the heart, may be used to strengthen and seal that intention. Rose Quartz energy will encourage focus on harmony and trust and when things start to get heated diffusing arguments and creating a stronger bond between the both of you.


Here are the steps to getting the most out of your crystal helpers this new moon:


First thing first, get clear on your intention or intentions. It is normal to have more than one. Three to four intentions are ideal. Write them down being as clear and descriptive as possible.


You will repeat the steps below for each intention.


Next select your crystal for an intention. Tumbled crystals, touch stones or small polished crystals are portable and easier to keep close to your body. Your crystal choice will depend on the area of your intention. Allow your higher self to guide you by asking, “Which crystal is best for my success with this intention”? You may also utilize google to search crystals that help amplify your intention.


After you have the crystal for your intention in your dominant hand (the one you use the direct energy, the non-dominant hand receives energy) stand outside in the moonlight or wherever you are and imagine you are under the new moons magnificent sky.


Allow the crystal be cleared by the new moons vibration, closing your eyes and take 3 deep cleansing breaths. Start to feel what it would be like for your intention to come true. Most importantly the emotions you would feel and imagine the type of interactions that would occur.


You are now charging your crystal with that intention.

To seal everything imagine a white light pouring out the moon down into your crown, all the way down through your root and into the Earth’s core. Show gratitude saying thank you three times and keep your crystal close as a physical reminder of your intention.


This is the final step. Your intention is set and universe is supporting you. Act as though it is and it shall be.SI tt