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Finding Your Bliss
Finding Your Bliss
Finding Your Bliss

Finding Your Bliss

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This Rose Quartz necklace radiates gratitude and happy relationships. Gently expand your heart’s capacity to forgive as you begin to attract the people, places and things that bring you long term satisfaction.

 Hangs on a black flat nylon chord 15 1/2 inches long.

~Rose Quartz Properties~
Rose Quartz soothes emotional trauma promoting healthy self care practices. It encourages you to keep moving through grief acting as a reminder that you are here on a unique divine purpose. Rose Quartz raises your self esteem fostering greater trust in yourself and others.

~Jewelry Care~
Clean with a soft cotton cloth. Remove before bathing.

Cleanse your piece by imagining a white light swirling down through the sky flowing through your crystal jewelry. Imagine for as long as you feel necessary. Once you have cleansed your piece you are all set to pair it with an affirmation and allow it to work with your energy field and elevate your lifestyle.