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Truly the Best
Truly the Best
Truly the Best
Truly the Best

Truly the Best

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Be assured that you are making your next move your best move with this copper encased Lapis Lazuli crystal.

Hanging on a 12 inch long black chord, this necklace sits comfortably near your Heart Chakra.

~Lapiz Lazuli Crystal Properties~
A crystal for clear vision, Lapis Lazuli encourages you to see, hear and speak truth. It deep blue hue also calms you and those in your presence. Lapis Lazuli leads you to making decisions based on the highest degree of wisdom.

~Jewelry Care~
Clean with a soft cotton cloth. Remove before bathing.

Cleanse your piece by imagining a white light swirling down through the sky flowing through your crystal jewelry. Imagine for as long as you feel necessary. Once you have cleansed your piece you are all set to pair it with an affirmation and allow it to work with your energy field and elevate your lifestyle.