You are ready to receive the gifts the divine set aside for you.


Crystals are natural elements mined from the Earth each having a unique and perfect structure. This perfect structure emits vibrations that align our bodies Chakras also know as energy centers. When a certain part of our body is out of balance due to something such as emotional trauma or physical injury our energy centers become depleted or overwhelmed.

This is where crystals aid. Since ancient times crystals have been placed near the body to sync vibrationaly encouraging balance and overall well being to ones present state.

The use of crystals date back thousands of years ago. The Ancient Egyptians  used Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Quartz, and Topaz to anoint the tombs of the dead and to wear as well as protective amulets. the Ancient Greek soldiers used Hematite  protection before battle and used Amethyst to fend off hangovers.